History of the Un Coup de Maind’Emmaüs Iași foundation – from 1997 up to now

          In 1997, a group of people working for the Emmaüs movement in France started to get involved in Romania, trying to find a way to help romanians orphans, in a country where most of them, after the fall of Communism and Ceausescu, end in the street, without any help from the government. This kind-hearted men and women started giving food everyday and bringing medical treatments, administrative help and basic education (hygiene education, sport, leisure, etc.)

          From 1997 to 2001, the community progressively settles in Iasi, houses in the city center and surrounding area are being bought to welcome the first companions. In october 2001 was the official inauguration of the community, with the Abbé Pierre, the historical founding member of the movement. In the same year, the foundation has opened its second-hand shop, whose economical activities support the community and the companions life.

          During these years, numerous partnerships were established in Iași and abroad to continue to fight against poverty and poor housing.

          Since its beginning, the community is constantly working on achieving its main goals : to help as many homeless people as we can by providing them with financial, administrative, medical, social and food support. In more than fifteen years, the community has grown, welcomed numerous companions, and helped them reintegrate society. Some of the companions found a job, left the community and started their own family. Here is probably our greatest pride.

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Update : march 2018