• VALUES AND PRINCIPLESStruggle - Solidarity - Unity - Freedom - Equality - Non-discrimination - Expression - Respect - Participation - Transparency - Responsibility
  • RULESWork - Accommodation - Help - Sharing and Humble Life - Fighting
  • CHARTEREveryone has the right to...

Fight against forms of misery and oppression, as well as their causes;

Social solidarity ;

Uniqueness of the person ;

Freedom to choose social services according to social need and confidentiality ;

Equal opportunities and non-discrimination in access to and provision of social services;

Expression and respect for human dignity of each assisted person ;

Participation of beneficiaries in the whole process of providing social services, giving them the opportunity to become actors of solidarity;

Transparency and public accountability in line with social services.

Rule 1

WORK – we will work hard to make a living from our work

Rule 2

ACCOMMODATION – we will always welcome homeless people knocking on our door with open arms

Rule 3

HELP – we will work together, as much as possible, to help others, especially those who suffer

Rule 4

SHARE AND HUMBLE LIFE – we will have a simple life giving all the attention it deserves to the one who is close to us

Rule 5

FIGHT – for justice through employment in the social and political sphere. We will denounce, whenever we are in a position to do so, the injustices that crush the poor of all countries.

Everyone has the right to be treated with dignity

Everyone has the right to housing

Everyone has the right to be helped when they are in need

Everyone has the right to protection against poverty and social exclusion

Everyone has the right to appropriate vocational guidance with a view to choosing a profession in keeping with his or her interests and professional aptitudes

Everyone has the right to social healthcare

Everyone has the right to benefit from qualified social services

Everyone who benefits from social services has the right to confidentiality of information

Everyone has the right to benefit from all measures enabling him/her to enjoy a good state of health

Every person with a disability has the right to independence, social integration and participation in community

Everyone who works has the right to dignity in that work

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Update : Nov. 2020