David, by Veronica (April 2021)

I met the one who would become my best friend in Iasi in 1998. I was then a student working in parallel at the special school of Târgu-Frumos which had nearly 400 children, all boys. Our meeting was exceptional because the mission for which David Warichet was in Iaşi at that time was to animate – with a group of young Christians from the parish of Saint-Lambert – the children hospitalized at the St. Maria hospital… And I had followed them all these days, learning from their enthusiasm to give of themselves.

Later, I dared to tell him the story of Alina Cheslau who suffered from multiple exostosis disease and needed special care. This did not leave indifferent the sensitive heart of this wonderful man who managed to organize a clown show in Brussels in a short time to raise funds for this cause. It was only the beginning of a long history of friendship which gradually transformed his soul … into a Romanian soul.

The winter of 1999 put the Romanian seed in his heart. He had come with 5 other wonderful friends to spend Christmas and New Years with the children of Targu Frumos following a desperate call from me. These days have been an opportunity for David to give, to love, to be humble and to transform himself. Back in Brussels, the only thing he wanted was the well-being of these children.

This is how Mergem was born, the association which brought together so many beautiful souls and which is still a chain of love that binds many people in Belgium. For years, humanitarian convoys continued to Targu Frumos, his enthusiasm and dedication succeeding in making the impossible possible! Over time, nearly 200 children have been “sponsored” by Belgian families and their lives have slowly improved. It is his love that was able to convince and motivate … 

Later, the story of Sergiu, then Cristina and Speranta Lulea made room in his heart, which had expanded so much that it had become the place for every hopeless or impossible situation. He had acquired the gift of transforming doubt into certainty thanks to his optimistic thinking and his hope. Then, the Roma community, women and children, of Turda deeply moved and mobilized him to help. David had a special charisma fueled by unconditional love and dedication!

This year, after a serious illness in which he was full of gratitude for every gesture of care and love towards him, he joined the Lord. In his last message, he assured me that from where he is, he will pray for all those who remain here … May his soul have so much love also in eternity!

Veronica Pintilie