Goulash recipe for maraude

We distribute food to homeless people in Iasi every evening from Monday to Friday. We make sure that they receive a hot meal (tea, soup) along with sandwiches, bread or eggs. 

Whenever it is possible, we change the menu by bringing different kinds of soup made either by us, Emmaus, either by Cuib restaurant, our partner.

Nicu, one of the companions and our cook in charge for Maraude in the winter, regularly prepares a big pot of goulash. He cooks this nutritious and very appreciated dish in the courtyard, over a wood fire.

Here it is the recipe for make it at home!

Ingredients for 50l of goulash

10 kg of meat (chicken, beef or/and pork; for Maraude we use chicken)

20 kg of potatoes

3 kg of onions

1 kg of carrots

1 kg of peppers

1 can of tomato paste

Condiments: bay leaves, thyme, paprika, pepper, salt

Method of preparation (1 hour)

Cook the meat in 20-25l of water in a large pot

Use a skimmer to remove the foam from the surface

Cut the vegetables (the size of a walnut) and add them to the meat

Add the condiments and the tomato pasta

Cook for 10-15 minutes. Cooking time may vary depending on if it is done on gas, woodfire or an electric hob.

Add water or remove broth depending on the consistency and your taste.

Taste it! Be careful, it’s hot!