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The association Chance – Because we can help! presents itself …

Partners Association Chance Because We Can Help SwitzerlandChance – Because we can help! is an association whose purpose is to provide financial support for the Romanian homeless organisation Un Coup de Main d’ Emmaus Iasi. For this purpose, we hold fundraising events and operate a donation account. Chance – Because we can help! was founded by the Swiss Pascal Spahni, who lived and worked in Iasi and knows Un Coup de Main d’ Emmaus Iasi personally.


On a company anniversary, which he organized, they had a lot of food left over. Because he didn’t want to throw it away, he contacted Un Coup de Main d’Emmaus Iasi. An hour later he met several people from the organization who took and distributed these leftovers. Because this went so well, he wanted to know more about the organization. So he called Gelu, the director of the NGO and asked him to show him the organization. Soon afterwards they met and after he explained and showed him everything, he was enthusiastic about Un Coup de Main d’ Emmaus Iasi and decided to support them….


He asked Gelu how he could support him. He told him that it can get up to -20 degrees Celsius in winter and many homeless people sleep outside. A hot soup in the stomach would help them a lot. So Pascal transported 10 food carriers from the Swiss army to Iasi and negotiated a contract with a local restaurant that cooks soup for 100 homeless people every day and only charges for the ingredients. Also, he organized a charity event in Switzerland to finance the whole project. Between the end of October 2016 and the end of April 2017, Un Coup de Main d’Emmaus Iasi was able to distribute more than 13,500 portions of soup, which benefited more than 100 homeless people every day.


Since 2016, every year Pascal organizes a charity event in Switzerland. In 2017, he officially founded the association Chance – Because we can help!.


Chance – Because we can help! organized and financed the whole soup distribution project in winter 2016/17 and financed christmas on the street in 2017. Furthermore, we are operating a Swiss and Romanian donation bank account. The next project in which the association will be involved, is the belvedere project and also a project with the purpose of boosting Corporate Social Responsibility in Iasi for fundraising money from successful companies in Iasi.

The text in italics was written by the team Chance – Because we can help!

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