Portrait of the month: Ema, intern at Emmaus Iasi (Dec. 2021)

Sammy : For this interview of the month, I have Ema with me, she did an internship for three months at Emmaüs Iasi. Ema, you can introduce yourself.

Ema : Hello, my name is Ema, I am 21 years old. Before I came to Iasi, I did a two-years technical degree in development and entertainment.

Sammy : Why did you came here to Romani in Iasi, what interested you ?

Ema : I was supposed to come to Iasi two years ago for an internship in connection with my studies. 

The project was to create a cultural animation project in an organization I already knew and which I already liked a lot. But because of the Covid, it could not have happened in time. This is why, regardless of  my two-years technical degree, I nevertheless came two years later.

Sammy : What was your project here, can you explain it to us ?

Ema : I already did an internship at Emmaüs in France, where I organized a photo exhibition about the different activities and the Emmaüs process.

In Iasi, I organized a photo exhibition that highlighted all the activities proposed by Emmaüs. I photographed the Belvedere a lot, Popesti and Iasi city center a little, but especially the food support program. With those pictures, I did an exhibit at the “Cuib” which is a vegetarian and zero waste restaurant. 

To communicate a little more about the project and raise awareness to the general public, I also interviewed homeless people who wanted to, so they can tell us a part of their story and how they have come to live in the street.

Sammy : You were also involved in the different missions proposed by the organization. What are the moments that marked you during this internship ?

Ema : When I arrived, I used to work a lot at Belvedere. I spent a lot of days there. It was quite memorable, because the belvedere is in the middle of the fields, we have this feeling of being in a bubble. It is really pleasant. Also, I did not know a lot about do-it-yourself and I learned many things there. I also did a few rounds for the food support program. I think I will never forget the first one I did. It stuck with me, because these are faces we usually avoid, and to be confronted as many people in distress, it is quite unforgettable. 

Sammy : What were your impressions on Iasi, Emmaüs and Romania ?

Ema : I did not know the countries of Eastern Europe at all, the landscapes are totally different. There were a lot of novelties and discoveries. I loved Iasi, the dynamics of the city, its history. Emmaüs was an amazing experience, three months really awesome. It was the first time I worked in such a respectful and caring team. With a great team, we had a good laugh for three months.

Sammy : What are your plans for the future ?

Ema : I have got a lot of projects in mind, or I would have stayed here ! I would like, Ideally, integrate a feminist organization abroad. I got a lead in Latin America. Another lead also, in New-York to become an au pair. It could be a gateway to resume studies there, or a civic service. No matter the destination, as long as it is related to feminism.

Sammy : I thank you for this interview and come back whenever you want !