Portrait of the month: Enzo, volunteer in Emmaüs Satu mare (Jan. 2020)

Our colleagues from the west of Romania paid us a visit this month. This way, we met Enzo, volunteer at Emmaus Satu Mare. He told us about his missions and his opinions about our community from Iasi.

Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

I am Enzo Alloumelou, I am 19 years old and I am an Emmaus volunteer in Satu Mare.

Why have you chosen Emmaus Romania?

I have chosen to volunteer at Emmaus Satu Mare because I liked their social project. Moreover, I knew nothing about Romania, so their program was suiting me. It would have been the same in Albania.

Did you know Emmaus before coming here?

All I knew I had read on their website where I found out about their mission. I was going to Emmaus as a customer.

What did you like about Satu Mare community?

We have a professional reintegration program for young people. Consequently, we are working with a teaching team. In addition, I think that the way we do it is more humane. For example, unlike France where as a teacher you have to obey a set of rules, here we do have a framework but a the same time, if you are willing to have a beer with one of the companions because he or she wants to chat, you are free to do it.

What are your missions?

As a volunteer, you have to be versatile. I sort out cloths, I take care of the store. Two evenings a week we organise activities with our young people: we take them to the theater, to symphonic concerts, to the gym, to the swimming pool etc. I am more involved in the cultural part, whereas another volunteer is more active in the sports activities. We also cook dinner with a youngster from our community once a week. In addition, we spend one weekend within the community once a month.

How is it to work with young people?

We work together although they could do it by themselves in the store for a few hours. The transport team also does a good job. We welcome young people aged 18 to 35 who will soon leave casele de copii (Romanian children’s home for minors placed there by the child protection) or who are living on the street. They come to us by themselves as we are quite famous in Satu Mare. We aim to make them independent. For example, they save a sum of money each month in order to can afford a home one day. There are also currently three young people attending school. Our social worker is taking care of them so that they fit well. There are also other three young people who have just rent an apartment. In my opinion, it’s mission accomplished.

You’ve come to Iasi. What do you think about it?

I appreciate that you welcome a larger community here in Iasi as they can manage things on their own. You also work more like a team here, with less hierarchy. I also think that Popesti is a really great project, like a breath of fresh air, an escape to a healthy and safe environment. I’m determined to implement this idea in Satu Mare. I also do believe that Maraude is a project we could benefit from in our community.

What are your future plans?

I would really like to remain in Romania. First of all, I am in love with Romanian food. Then I really love the people here. I think we can easily get in touch with them and establish a connection. If I am able to, I will stay at Emmaus. Anyway, it has to be the social sector.