Portrait of the month: Simon, companion of Emmaüs Cambridge (Oct. 2019)

This month, we received the visit of Simon, a companion from the Emmaus community of Cambridge in England. Always happy about his stays in Romania, we’re talking with him about his experience and his feelings about our community.

Good morning Simon, can you talk about you, your experience with Emmaüs, your arrival for exemple?

I went to Emmaüs because I separated from my girlfriend and my life went down hell and I consumed drugs. And after a few time, someone told me about Emmaüs in Cambridge. I went to Cambridge after a medication. The work for me was something to keep my mind busy. So I stay with Emmaüs in a community with companions, rules and a purpose. 

What is your job in your own community?

I work in the shop, I drive the van, I work in the kitchen, a little of everything.

And why the community of Iasi? What is your feeling?

Because « frumoase sunt ieşencele!!!» (because the girls of Iasi are pretty!). Because it’s still Emmaüs, because it’s something differents, just to explore other Emmaüs. I went to Satu Mare for three months. I discovered friends and family, I enjoy to live in the community, enjoy the solidarity you do. We support Emmaüs and Satu Mare where a lot of people have no furnitures for their first house. So we give them furnitures, and I slowly train to have the construction permit and drive machine. And when I go back to England I have a smile and a job.

Is the community of Iasi really different?

Yeah, the community in England is lucky, really good area. So you make a lot of money, furnitures are different, the feeling is different. In Iasi and European communities is more communal feel, the staff and the director seat and i have a meal with the companions, really doesn’t happen in England. The community is together, in England is more staff/residence, there are a definitive separation. In Iasi everybody is together like a big family, not in England. Why do you call it a community if we have not a communal feel.

What is your project in the future, do you want to leave Emmaüs one day?

Yes, in the next six months, I think to leave Emmaüs. I would like to work outside in the built, offer a place to someone, it’s the plan. 

Last question, do you plan to come back soon in Romania?

Must definitely, in March I think, I let the snow go before I come back!!! But probably March, April, it’s good. 

Thank you

Cu plăcere (my pleasure)