Portrait of the month: Vasile and Nicu, companions in Popeşti (May 2018)

Interview with Vasile and Nicu, companions in Popeşti

Vasile and Nicu Portrait of the month May 2018 - Emmaus Iasi RomaniaThis month, let’s go to Popești to discuss with two companions: Nicu and Vasile. What is their story, which roles do they have in the farm? They tell you everything here!



Hi Vasile, can you introduce yourself?

I am Vasile, I am 24. I was born in the județ (department) of Iași. I had a familial conflict and I went to the child protection. I finished the school in 2012. I have known Emmaus by a classmate.

For how long have you been in Emmaus?

For 2 years. I arrived in the Foundation in 2015. Before that, I was in street.

Now you are in Popești. Have you been always in Popești, or have you lived in Iași already?

Only in Popești. I would have liked in Iași, but I have been always in Popești.

What are your activities?

We work together in the farm of Popești. I wake up at 7:30am, I make the tea, everything, the breakfast. Then, we have the meeting with the companions and the manager, from 08:30am to 9am, to organize the day of work. From 9am to 11am, I work, and I also work during the afternoon, depending on the daily program. I take care of the animals, especially the hens. We also have little chicks.

Do you like to work with animals?

I do. And I also work in the field, during summer. I like it.

You went in Switzerland, thanks to a partnership of Emmaus, isn’t it?

Yes, I went there, last year, in April, during one month. It is different over-there. I enjoyed the community life, the communication. It was an organic farming, I picked spinaches, I washed carrots, for the customers.

I enjoyed this experience. Especially the relationship between colleagues: warm welcome, team spirit, easy communication, they helped each other while they were working, they were friendly… We spoke English. I learnt during high school. And I speak some words of French. C’est fini. Un petit peu (in French in the text).

I came in Switzerland by plane and I left by car, so I visited Germany, Austria. The European countries are beautiful. It is more beautiful than Romania.

And I would like to see France too. But I never went.

And I saw goats (in another Swiss farm). There was 2 people, 70 goats, 70 cows. Everything was mechanized. I love machines. This is what impressed me… and the cheese too!

You make drawings of cars and machines, isn’t it?

Yes I do, since 10 years, since school. I love it. Either I copy pictures on Internet or I look machines (tractors…).

And I want to learn how to drive. I prepared myself. The driving licence could help me. My goal is to find a job as driver, getting a driving licence or in goods transport.

I love machines. I’ve been in Bistrita-Năsăud, for automobile cabling, but i didn’t stay. After that i went to Bucharest. One month, but the boss wasn’t correct, he were speaking badly to me. I left.

So you want to be a driver… and where would you like to live? More in the city or in the countryside?

The city is dense. I would like to live in the countryside, but with a personal car, so I can go to work. Without any car, it is hard.

Hi Nicu, can you introduce yourself?

I am Neculai, or Nicu. I am 54. I was born in Sinești, in the județ (department) of Iași.

For how long have you been in Emmaus?

Since 2010-2012, something like that. I left several times and I came back. I left because of the work with the animals. I was fed up with it. I have been always in Popești. Never in Iași.

What are your activities?

I take care of the animals: poneys, hens, porks… I also work in the field. When it is necessary, I go unloading the trucks, I work in the garden.

Once you left Emmaus, did you travel?

I wanted to go to France, but finally I couldn’t. But I went to Greece before knowing Emmaus. I went back several times to Emmaus, four times, I guess. I looked for a job, I found, then I came back… And I went to the monastery.

Did you like the monastery? Or was it too… quit?

Ah ah ! It was… corrupt. But it was a good place. Something else?

What are your projects?

Now I am old. When I was younger, Emmaus was a springboard, a step toward the future. Now I know that perhaps I will stay at Emmaus.

Thanks you both of you!

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