Pandemic Journal

It’s, as always, the day when we lift our eyes to the heavens and thank God for being able to open our eyes again today, for being healthy, for giving us the strength to overcome everything, and lastly, for being able to do the mission that we have set ourselves to be with those who suffer! 

If anyone had asked me how we faced this sense of duty, of powerlessness, of uncertainty, that each of us felt during this period, I would have simply answered – “we ran!”

The COVID pandemic imposed a rhythm that does not allow to walk slowly. It was a very busy period :

80 persons were waiting in the public baths temporary centre for complete breakfast every day from March 18 to May 15.

In the public baths centre there was a daily need for clothes, shoes, sometime hygiene products, cigarets, radios, movies.

Over 100 families in difficulty from Popesti and from Iasi received food package given by Lidl on Good Friday.

In our two residential centers, we have respected preventive isolation measures from April 11, 2020, which then continued during the whole alert state period. Every day, the 30 beneficiaries needed various products, telephone support, or “from the door”, a positive thought and encouragement.

The phone never stops ringing : a partner association needs help, another association received donations of perishable foods in great quantity and wants to share it with others. For our part, we have a surplus of products and we go to those in need, sometime we are expected somewhere to collect donations, etc. 

For sure, there is no time for questions and worries… The solutions come when we are moving forward, because there are always solutions and things seem to be linking. We welcome the support of the volunteers and families. We understand that life goes on and we have to move forward with it. 

But one thing is certain :

it’s definitely a day to be grateful!