Pickled Courgettes – Dovlecei în saramură

The pickling is a technique to conserve food using salt and vinegar. Salt prevents the growth of bad microorganisms and allows the good ones to grow and to preserve the food. It also keeps the vegetables crunchy. Vinegar plays the same role. In the Romanian recipes of muraturi (pickled fruits and vegetables), we usually find a brine made with vinegar and herbs.

This recipe was shared by Anne-Lise, the Swiss weaver in Popesti. The recipe prevented several courgettes indigestion during the summer and allowed us to enjoy it this winter.

Ingredients :



coarse salt

wine vinegar



black pepper

mason jars

This recipe, easy to make, needs several days of preparation

1rst day

Mix into a bowl:

7 lbs of courgettes cut into small dices
1 c. of onions cut into rings
half a c. of salt

2nd day

Rinse well and add:

 3 c. of wine vinegar

3 c. of water

2 c. of sugar

3 Tbs. of curry

1 tsp of black pepper

3rd day Strain. Boil the vinegar and add it (still boiling) to the courgettes.

4th day

Cook the preparation for 10 minutes.
Put in the mason jar and close immediately.

Wait 6 weeks before consumption.