Portrait of the month: Vasile, companion, has ended his internship at emmaus berne, Switzerland (Feb. 2019)

Thanks to the connections between the community of Iași and our partners in Switzerland, our companions can go live and work for a couple of months in Emmaüs Sion and Bern. Here is the recollection of our companion Vasile’s time in Bern.

Hello! Can you introduce yourself? How did you get to know Emmaüs?

Vasile Z., 25 ans. I know Emmaüs thanks to some friends. I came here in 2015. I heard about it, that I could have a place to live. I asked the people in charge back then if I could join, they welcomed me, and I fit in.

You spent three months in a community in Switzerland this winter, for an internship. Did you have any apprehensions before you left for Bern?

No, at no point I had any apprehension.

Was it the first time you were leaving Romania?

No. The first time was in Fribourg, where I took part in an ecological project. Then it was with Emmaüs Bern. There, we were collecting donations for the community, bringing the furnitures, closets, to the foundation. What wasn’t in good condition was sent for breaking. We were sorting out in Bern: glass, marble, iron, wood.

What were you doing during your free time in Bern?

We went out of town. We went to Sion for the celebrations on the 24th of December. We spent some time with the companions there (ed: two companions of Emmaüs Iasi were in Bern – Vasile and George – and two companions were in Sion – Andrei and Sorin). It was great. I was eager to visit Emmaüs Sion.

What were you doing with the Swiss companions? Were you sharing some activities?

We listened to music together.

What was different there?

Collective work. I like how they work there. There is a huge difference with Emmaüs in Romania. We were helping each other, for example with the furnitures. We had big carts with wheels. We were putting the heavy cabinet on it and were driving it to the elevator, to bring it to the shop.

What did you learn from that internship?

Sorting dishes, putting the price tags…

It wasn’t too hard? With the money for example, since it’s different…

No, it wasn’t difficult. It’s normal that it’s different, with the money. I worked hard to get money so I could pay for driving lessons. And I already started lessons. This weekend, I will be driving.

What did you like the most?

I mostly liked picking up the donations. We were bringing the furnitures, or delivering it. The donation were going to the deposit. If something had some value and could be sold, we were putting it on a cart, and bringing it to the shop.

Do you want to say something to your Swiss colleagues?

Greetings! I would have like to better learn to know Vincent (ed: the headstaff of Emmaüs Sion). I saw that he was a good director, he hosted us, welcomed us warmly for a few days, George and me. A very responsible man.

Do you want to add something?

No, that will be all!